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A new beginning - Pegasus Nation

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Hello and welcome to our first Blog at Pegasus Nation!

My name is Jazz and I will be your 'regular blogger' shall we say .... Please do understand I WILL be adding humour in my blogs ... After all, we see and hear so much funny stuff why not add it into the blog like a 2.5kg bar plate!

At Pegasus Nation we will be doing a variety of blogs, some will be fitness related, some food and some just some common sense ... We feel many people lack this trait of COMMON SENSE. If you have sense then please do forward the relevant blogs ... You may save someones life or just feed them some brain food ... YES our blog is calorie free too so don't worry about macros here.

If there are any topics you would like to cover then please do drop a comment below and we will endeavour to reply as fast as we can. If we take a bit of time it is because we were chasing gains ... As you can imagine that is a REALLy viable excuse to say ' we may get back to you '.

We look forward into giving you some fun and factual insight going into the new year! Thank you to all the people who have supported us to date and welcome to the new people who have come across us recently!

We are committed to helping the fitness industry and we are doing so in a BS free manner ... After all BS is for the half reppers and we are NOT ABOUT THAT LIFE.


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