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How to Have a Better Body in 2020

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Most people enjoy the idea of having a beautiful body, and a significant number put in the work required to get the results. However, not everyone looks forward to spending time in the gym or exercising. It’s a rare breed of people who get up and think “It’s about time to get to the gym”, and they actually have no problem doing it. They just get up and go. For most of us, it’s completely different. Working out, while beneficial, can take a toll even on the most enthusiastic fitness gurus.
Your attitude and your energy are very crucial to getting the most out of a work out session. When you are enthusiastic about working on our body, your mind and your character set everything in motion and you find yourself going the extra mile in order to be a better version of yourself. I always say to myself, “you believed in Santa for 8 years, you can believe in yourself for 2 hours.” If you are determined to get a better body in 2020, here are some tips on how to ensure that you can achieve this goal and start looking at the soreness like a pat on the back from your muscles.
1. Do something new

Routine can be boring. Doing the same things time after time can have some side effects, such as quitting the gym. However, you can make gym time fun, interesting, and worth your while by inviting someone to train with you. Motivation can come in numerous forms, but having someone who you know working out with you is guaranteed to motivate you. On top of that, you might learn new routines; exchange ideas, tips, and experiences; and have friendly competitions that will challenge you to do your best. When you regularly achieve maximum performance at the gym, you are bound to seeing the results faster.

2. Rest days are just as important as leg days



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