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Noxpump Dorian Yates Fruit Punch

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Noxpump Dorian Yates Fruit Punch



NOX Pump is a dietary supplement indicated for athletes seeking to maximize their psychological, cardiovascular & muscular performance during training.

Dorian Yates is a former 6x Mr. Olympia, respected around the world for his knowledge of training and nutrition. Dorian's authentic, uncompromising personality style, and philosophies forever changed the sport of bodybuilding.

NOX Pump was developed by my scientific panel of PhDs, nutritionists and technical consultants. I supervised the entire process to ensure that it stimulates you with greater energy, motivation, strength, power, endurance and muscle pumps during training than would otherwise be possible. NOX Pump is the single most powerful pre-training formula you will ever try. I drink it before every workout, as does every athlete I train."

NOX Pump has been configured with carefully tested compounds such as geranamine, hordenine, n-acetyl-tyrosine, octopamine and controlled-release caffeine to support rapid and sustained increases in training energy, motivation and aggression with no post-training "crash". Glucono delta-lactone and BCAA increase whole-body glucose and amino acid nitrogen levels. Theobromine and analogs of arginine, citrulline and carnitine support nitric oxide (NOX), vasodilation, blood flow, oxygen availability, testosterone (androgen) action and ATP resynthesis. They also protect muscle and nerve tissue from damage and otherwise maximize muscle anabolic potential during training.


NOX-Pump Pre-Training Formula (13,300 mg): Cell Volumising Matrix: (4.4g) Citruline Malate (1:1),Choline, Taurine, GlycoCarn (Glycine Propionyl-L-Carnitine HCl, USP; Sigma-tau Patent #6,703,042) N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine. Pro-Energy Matrix: (8.9g) Fructose (low Glycemic Index Sugar), Guarana Extract, Glucuronolactone, Cocoa Bean Extract Blend [Chocamine] Caffeine, Geranium Root Extract, Crioceras Longiflorus Extract (Vinpocetine).