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Pegasus Nation believes in the best, the best products and the best results. 

We feel there is no point in selling supplements and products if we KNOW they are not effective, good value for money, have poor ingredients or are just over hyped brands. 

We cherish the days you will get your personal bests aka PB's, better aesthetics and a BETTER BODY. At Pegasus Nation we want to be a part of that and be a part of your journey. As you look back in time you can think back to a brand and company that wanted you to get results as much as YOU did.


We have a variety of products we sell but to break it down for you, below is a list of the things we sell and what they do:

  • PROTEIN - Helps build muscle, repair the body and get you a better body
  • BCAA/AMINO's - Helps the body repair, recover and ache less after workout
  • PREWORKOUTS - Give you more energy to do workouts and fitness classes
  • FAT BURNERS - Helps you to sweat, make you less hungry and  gives you extra energy to workout
  • CREATINE - Gives you more strength, power and energy to train
  • TEST BOOSTERS - Gives you natural anabolic strength and power
  • VITAMINS - Help to boost your body of lost mineral and vitamins whilst also helping to regulate your body from working out. Can be taken for general well being ( also helps to stop you getting a cold in the winter! )


Many people thing 'supplements and sports nutrition products' are only for bodybuilders or weightlifters, this is not the case. Anybody can use the products provided they are eligible to do so. People who may use the products are:

  • Males or Females who are into sports and training
  • People who need or require additional dietary products
  • Anybody doing sports or fitness based activity
  • Anybody who is trying to keep healthy and fit

Whatever dietary needs you have or whatever sports or training you do, Pegasus Nation has the right products for you



At Pegasus Nation we can help you to:

  • Get fit
  • Lose Weight
  • Build muscle
  • Get into better shape

We have a variety of products that can aid in all areas and particularly in those listed above. Let Pegasus help you along the way to get you where you want to be



Pegasus Nation has extensive knowledge when it comes to diet and working out, we can even help you out by giving you one of our preset workout plans if requested. By helping customers out we offer more than just products, we offer a collective package. If you need help and guidance please email us at and we will be happy to help you reach your goals.




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