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Blackbombs Fat Burner 60 Bomb-Caps

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Blackbombs Fat Burner 60 Bomb-Caps

Powerful fat burner Black Bombs is back in tablet form!

Black Bombs Tablets bring the same powerful fat burner into a convenient pill form so it's easier than ever to use on the go! Dorian Yates have created a product like no other with this stim-packed thermogenic that helps you to drop fat in no time. Reported effects are off-the-charts energy, a bouncy mood and fat loss over time that will impress even the most experienced supplement user! Not sure how to break through that weight loss plateau to achieve maximum definition? Black Bombs Tablets are the one!

Key Benefits

Contains research driven ingredients to increase thermogenesis 

Increase Fat oxidation and reduce fat mass

Improve insulin sensitivity

Advanced level fat burner

Easy to consume Capsules ( Pork & Gelatine based )