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Brute BCAA's Killer Labz


Brute BCAA's by Killer Labz


Brute BCAA is an Extreme Anabolic BCAA powder, providing 60 servings with 6g of Amino Acids per scoop paired with the highly anabolic 5a-Hydroxy-Laxogenin and a potent Myostatin Inhibitor in Epicatechin.

Laxogenin has been compared with the strength of Anavar in terms of its muscle building and Androgenic power while also being able to increase protein synthesis by over 200%! Epicatechin is the rate limiting step to extreme muscle growth, so by pairing Epicatechin with Laxogenin along with a full 6g of Aminos per scoop you can expect an Extreme Anabolic effect with increases in protein synthesis and nitrogen retention.


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