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Pegasus Hydrator Jug 2.2 Litre


Pegasus Hydrator Jug 2.2 Litre

The Pegasus 1/2 Gallon Hydrator is great for anybody who wants to either quench their thirst or have the convenience of staying hydrated for longer with less fill ups.The Pegasus 1/2 Gallon Hydrator is equivalent to 2.2 Litres in volume.  Our 1/2 Gallon capacity enables the individual to optimise hydration whilst enduring any activity. The Pegasus 1/2 Gallon Hydrator will require less trips to the tap and allow you to maintain a good level of hydration. Th the heavy duty BPA-free plastic is made of heavy duty BPA-free plastic and a stainless steel cap that connected by a extra durable cord ensuring the lid is never lost. 


  • 1/2 Gallon capacity (Equivalent to 2.2 Litres)
  • Durable Materials for all components
  • BPA-free plastic
  • Leak free stainless steel cap
  • Secured by a canvas rope 
  • 170g Weight Ultra Grade Plastic (World standard is usually 140g)

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